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An Elevated Experience

The Superior Fleet

Get ready to sit back and relax. Our fleet is the most modern in North America with all the safety and amenities to ensure you have a great journey. From personal power outlets to the latest design in ergonomic seating, we make it as comfortable as possible for you to get from point A to point B.

Professional Drivers

Rest assured you’re in good hands. Our drivers are hired for their experience, skill, professionalism, and personality to ensure that customers have the most secure and enjoyable trip possible. They’re highly trained and have learned through years of driving how to respond to any situation & driving condition.

Efficient Performance

Because your time matters. We monitor and track our performance to ensure we’re delivering on-time service as promised. All of our buses are equipped with GPS systems to ensure maximum efficiency in travel. These GPS systems keep drivers in constant contact with our 24/7 dispatch staff.

Safety + Maintenance

We make it our top priority so you don’t have to. Safety is so huge for us that every vehicle is inspected by our drivers both upon departure and return from each trip. Similarly, all of our vehicles are routinely inspected by our competent maintenance staff and looked after with the utmost care.

Geography Coverage

We’ve got you covered. Coach Atlantic has locations throughout the Maritimes and can take you anywhere you’d like to go in North America. Whether you’re chartering a vehicle for local transfer to airports, tournaments or special events, or transporting groups longer distances, we can provide you with the safety and comfort you desire to ensure it’s a seamless experience.

Green Travel

Worry less, help the planet. That’s because carbon dioxide emissions are reduced by an average of 85% per passenger mile for every person who chooses motor coach travel instead of driving alone. It’s the greenest way to explore North America.

Coach Atlantic is committed to being one of the most sustainable transportation companies and we support an eco-friendly future by:

  • Maintaining our fleet regularly
  • Recycling used tires
  • Using alternative fuels
  • Limiting idle time
  • Using LED lamps
  • Training employees on Green Initiative